San Juan Island School District

 August 2014

We are excited about the start of the 2014-15 school year.  Let me highlight some of the goals and activities that will take place in the next 10 months.  Your on-going support of and interest in our staff and students makes our island a great place to live, learn, and work.

Teaching and Learning 

The District will continue to implement changes in the teacher and principal evaluation systems.  We selected the 5 Dimensions framework from the University of Washington to help us improve the complex art and science of delivering a world class instruction.  For information about system changes see  We will also continue to implement Common Core State Standards as well as changes to the state assessment system.  See also

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math:

You can see the capital project underway behind the high school and tennis courts.  The project is expected to be completed in January.  Meanwhile, the district will identify the programs which will be delivered in the newly renovated space, and the staff members who will make this initiative come alive even more.  The STEM initiative has been a long-term project supported by numerous members of the community in conjunction with the San Juan Island School District.  See our website at for a current STEM business plan.

The fight for K-12 Education Funding:

In January the Washington State legislature will begin a long session to figure out how to pay for the high quality education that Washington students deserve.  The District has continues to make funding for education a priority.  Issues such as fair employee compensation, low class size, early childhood opportunities, and rigorous curriculum support will require a new approach to revenue as well as the prioritization of education among other demands of governmental spending.  There are no short cuts and our students deserve the best.  Please make sure that you prioritize your giving and support for the upcoming San Juan Public Schools Foundation.  Each dollar you provide ensures that our funding remains where it needs to be – in the classroom.  Please see for more information about the McCleary lawsuit.

Capital Projects:

Thanks to your generous support for the 2012 Capital and Technology Levy, additional improvements will be made in the areas of information technology, energy systems, and Turnbull Gymnasium.  In the near future, the focus will be on renovating and equipping the STEM center.