Purple & Gold

Individual, Family & Business Memberships to Support Athletics & Extracurricular Activities at Friday Harbor High School


What is Purple & Gold?

We provide positive support and encouragement to the staff and students of Friday Harbor High School. We support both curricular and extracurricular activities by providing both volunteer and financial support. Each year we fund two non-renewable scholarships of $1000, one for a boy and one for a girl, to be used toward post-secondary education.

Purple & Gold Volunteers help the district by:

• Operating concession stand for home games
• Coordinating volunteer ticket takers for the school district
All funds from these activities go directly into the district athletic department budget, not to Purple & Gold.

How we raise money for our scholarships & support of extracurricular activities:

• Barbecue dinner at the fair
• Tailgate barbecues during home football games
• Merchandise sales at home games
• Individual & family memberships
• Business memberships
• Marathon/Triathlon volunteer coordination

Thanks to your support we have been able to continue supporting Friday Harbor High School’s program with:

• Homecoming float fund for each class & award money
• Seasonal sports awards
• Clinics for coaches
• State tournament funds for athletes
• Staff breakfast (every other year)
• Sports fees scholarships not covered by the school district
• Supplement uniform purchases on a four-year rotating cycle.
• Two annual, non-renewable scholarships

How can you help Purple & Gold?


Become a member:

We have a variety of membership levels available for individuals and businesses or you may donate directly to benefit a specific program. Your membership fee and donation are totally tax deductible (see back of form).

Volunteer at www.purplegoldfh.org to help with:

• Concessions
• Ticket Taking
• Tail Gate Barbecue (during football Season)
• Purple & Gold Board (it’s fun)
• Marathon/Triathlon Stations
• Fair Barbecue Dinner Be a Part of Our Activities:
• Attend athletic games
• Buy a meal at our tail gate barbecue in the fall or at our fair barbecue in August
• Buy merchandise at many of the athletic events.