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District Mission

  • Promote excellence, engaging every student, every day, through superior instruction, high expectations and academic content that is both challenging and individually relevant.
  • We are pleased to welcome our new Interim Superintendent, Kari McVeigh

    Kari McVeigh

    Kari McVeigh has over 40 years of public education experience starting as an elementary teacher and culminating as a Superintendent of Schools.  A native San Franciscan, Kari started her career as a fifth-grade teacher in Clark County School District, Nevada.  Following her eleven years an elementary teacher, Kari was an Assistant Principal for six months and then principal of two elementary schools for a total of twelve years.

    In 1991, she opened Helen Herr Elementary School in Clark County, one of a very few fully multi-age schools west of the Mississippi.   The outstanding staff and innovative curriculum and teaching strategies employed at Herr resulted in Kari’s recognition as the 1998 Elementary Principal of the Year for the state of Nevada.

    After twelve years in the principalship, Kari assumed the position of Assistant Director - and shortly after -  Director of Whole School Change for Boston Public Schools.   There she supported 64 Boston K-12 schools with literacy professional development and instructional leadership professional development for both teachers within Instructional Leadership Teams and individualized administrative staff. 

    Following her work in Boston, Kari stepped into a position as Assistant Superintendent in San Diego Unified School District, where she oversaw the instructional programs and leadership in 20-25 San Diego Elementary and Middle Schools.  While in San Diego, Kari led monthly professional development sessions for her administrators which focused on balanced literacy content, Second Language Learners instructional strategies and content, and conceptual Mathematics content and instructional strategies.  

    Kari left San Diego to take the seat as Superintendent of a 5700-student K12 district in Southern California and later accepted the position of Superintendent of New Haven Unified School District, CA a highly diverse K-12 district of 13,000 students.   During Kari’s fifth year as Superintendent in New Haven USD, the district was awarded the United States Race to the Top grant totaling  $29 million, honoring the district’s success in working with Instructional Leadership Teams,  Common Core Literacy and Mathematics, and community-based schooling efforts among the many areas of noted strength.  

    Since 2013 Kari has consulted with districts nationally, providing them with professional development in Common Core Literacy strategies, Principal Institutes, Instructional Leadership team design and implementation, and strategic planning.   Kari also provides personalized coaching sessions to both veteran and new administrators from Assistant Principals to Superintendents.   Kari and her wife, Cynthia moved to San Juan Island in 2016 and spend time enjoying island life with their two dogs, Raleigh and Gracie. 

  • Graduation 2018

    Join us in celebrating the Class of 2018!
    Saturday, June 9th in Turnbull Gym

    Doors Open at 4 pm
    Grads should go to the Library at 4:15 pm
    Ceremony begins at 5pm


School Board / Superintendent Communique

  • June 2018

    Dear Students, Staff, Parents and Community Members: I am proud of my time in San Juan Island and there’s no one single accomplishment I can point to, because there are so many. Our student successes are too numerous to count. From state honors with the Wolverine band and our sports accomplishments, we have so much to be proud of. Today I learned that ...

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  • April 2018

    Did you know that the Educational Programs and Operations Levy was renewed with a 71% vote? This is HUGE community support as this levy represents 17% of our budget. When we consider the state still has not funded basic essential programs like special education we know that without our local levy, our students would not receive the education they deserve and are constitutionally guaranteed. So again, to all our citizens, thank you so much for your continued rock-solid support...

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  • February / March 2018

    The San Juan Island School District School Board met at 3:00 pm for a workshop to review the levy fact sheet in preparation for informational presentations to service clubs. These details also be shared with community stakeholders and community groups in the upcoming weeks. A question was raised concerning responding to letters to the Board. The Board takes all input seriously and makes decisions that are most beneficial to the entire district...

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What's Happening at SJISD?

  • FHHS Team Receives High Honors at Imagine Tomorrow Science Fair

    FHHS Team for Imagine Tomorrow

    Friday Harbor High School Team wins ‘Best Project from a Newly Competing Team’ at Washington State University’s Alaska Airlines Imagine Tomorrow science fair competition.
    Over the weekend of May 18th – 20th, two teams from Friday Harbor High School competed in the Alaska Airlines Imagine Tomorrow Science Fair at Washington State University. The Alaska Airlines Imagine Tomorrow challenges 9th through 12th graders to seek new ways to support the transition to sustainability. Students research complex topics related to sustainability, then innovate technologies, designs, or plans to mobilize behavior. They forge connections in their communities and create positive change. In this competition, as in life, solutions are limited only by imagination.
    The two teams brought projects based on making Friday Harbor a better place in terms of food, energy, water and resources. Sander Van Hamersfeld, Emmett Carrier and Charlie Zehner developed a project looking at the possibilities of using computer controlled micro-farms to reduce the amount of produce that San Juan Island needed to import. Ayla Ridwan, Kai Di Bona and Raylee Miniken developed a project, with the help of Katie Flemming and Friends of San Juan as part of a Cool School Challenge through Opalco, that looked at how to make the high school and elementary school staff and students more energy conscious. Each group spent all day on Saturday presenting to engineers, managers, directors and other staff from Alaska Airlines, Boeing, Intron, Puget Sound Energy and other industry leaders. At the end of the day Ayla, Kai and Raylee’s work on energy use in Friday Harbor was selected as the “Best Project From a Newly Participating School’ in our congressional district. These students showed an amazing ability to communicate their idea, it’s importance and how it might impact our community. Students from the winning teams were awarded a cash prize, certificates of achievement and high praise from the judges on their projects.
    This is the 11th and final year of the competition at Washington State University and the students performed so well that both teams have expressed interest in developing their ideas further and bringing them to the Washington State Science and Engineering Fair next March as a qualifier for the Intel Science and Engineering Fair in 2019.
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  • FHHS Team Wins in the NW Semi-Finals of the International Space Settlement Design Competition (ISSDC)

    FHHS ISSD Team Over the weekend of April 28-29, the Friday Harbor Aerospace Design Team, known as Island Orbital Technologies, competed in and won the first ever Northwest Semi-Finals of the International Space Settlement Design Competition (ISSDC). This event, held at the Museum of Flight at Boeing Field, included students from six regional high schools and is part of a worldwide competition which uses aerospace industry simulated scenarios to engage high school students in engineering design and management.


    The FHHS team joined forces with students from Raisbeck Aviation High School, received a Request for Proposal at noon Saturday, and had until 8 am Sunday to produce a 50-page proposal and create a design brief for judges. Immediately, FHHS engineers took leadership roles, with Arlo Harold heading Structural Design and Lucy Urbach heading Human Factors. Joely Loucks and Max Mattox joined Urbach in Human Factors and Brandon Payne and Evan Foley comprised the Automations Design Department. Working non-stop for 20 hours straight, the team produced a design for a lunar outpost that could safely house up to 400 residents by placing the community in a lunar lava tube. They made a positive impression on the judges by repurposing lightweight shipping containers to create pressurized volumes for community centers and laboratories.


    The FHHS team distinguished themselves further in the design brief in which Harold, Urbach, and Payne presented the entirety of their sections and then were joined by the rest of the team in defending their proposal in a 50-minute question and answer period from the judges from NASA, Space X, Boeing, and University of Washington.


    Upon winning the semi-finals, the judges let the team know that their design proposal was the finest they had seen in their thirty years of semi-final competitions, a great testament to the tenacity, preparation, and collaboration skills of our Friday Harbor students. Judges specifically mentioned the clear and plausible structural design (Harold), the incredible detail of the resources needed to keep humans alive and well (Loucks), the recreational activities available to residents (Mattox), the efficiency of robotic assistance (Foley), and the impressive presentation skills of Payne and Urbach.


    As an award, the team will now compete for a World Championship at ISSDC, held at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in late July.


    The Friday Harbor High School Aerospace Design Team includes Arlo Harold, Lucy Urbach, Joely Loucks, Brandon Payne, Evan Foley, and Max Mattox and coached by Daniel Garner. The Island Orbital Technologies team is an offshoot of Aerospace Literature and Design, a class taught by Garner at FHHS.

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  • Zach Crichton Shares His Poetry


    Zach Crichton, a sophomore at FHHS, has been writing poetry in his Creative Writing class. Zach is also a rabid Seahawks fan, and when he discovered that a player, Tyler Lockett is a spoken word poet, as well as an incredible athlete, he wrote this poem in response to Tyler’s 'Fly High’.


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  • SJIslanders' Tech Academy is OPEN!

    Technology image Do you have a need to build your Business, Desktop Publishing, Web Development or IT Skills? We have a wonderful FREE eLearning opportunity for you.

    Visit to learn more.

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  • There are opportunities every day to help a child succeed.

    Call a school today to volunteer as a mentor, tutor, or classroom volunteer.
    We welcome your help!


  • Special Education Newsletter

    Take a peek at the new Special Education Newsletter. The Spring edition is live now! 

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  • 2018-19 Academic Calendar Released

    The 2018-19 Academic calendar has been released. You can find it here to download and help with your planning for the next school year.

    2018-19 calendar

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  • FHHS 2018 Orca Bowl Team

    Orca Bowl 2018 Friday Harbor High School competed this past weekend at the University of Washington’s Orca Bowl. The 11 students competed against schools from around the state in topics related to marine science. The team did not make it to the finals this year, but with 10 brand new competitors, they are excited for the chance to return with the same team next year and win another state championship. Congrats to the team on their hard work!

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  • Two SJISD Teachers Receive National Board Certification

    San Juan Island School District would like to recognize the recent success of two of our high achieving teachers, Friday Harbor Elementary School Teacher Diane Heller and Friday Harbor High School Teacher Kevin Cullen.  After the completion of a rigorous course of study, Ms. Heller and Mr. Cullen have each been awarded National Board Certification.


    Diane Heller has been certified as an Early Childhood Generalist and Kevin Cullen in Adolescent and Young Adult Mathematics.  These two well-respected teachers join Sam Garson (FHHS), Erin Bristow (FHMS) and Beth Spaulding (FHHS) as National Board Certified Teachers in the San Juan Island School District.


    National Board Certification was designed to develop, retain and recognize accomplished teachers and to generate ongoing improvement in schools nationwide.  It is the most respected professional certification available in K-12 education.


    The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards was launched in 1987. The goal is to create standards for high-quality teaching and to professionalize teaching through licensure, following the lead of fields like medicine, engineering, and architecture.   A decade of research shows Board-certified teachers positively impact student learning. For more information, please see their website:


    According to SJISD Superintendent Danna Diaz, “Congratulations to our new National Board certified teachers! You are joining over 112,000 National Board certified teachers who are transforming teaching and learning across the map in a myriad of methods! We are proud of your accomplishments!”


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