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    SJ Islanders' Tech Academy Course Catalog


    Skillsoft course packages are free to San Juan Islanders. There are three sets of curricula: Business Curriculum, Desktop Curriculum, and IT Curriculum. 

    Enroll here.

    To order the course packages - all of them are included when you register - or ask any questions, please contact Val Curtis at 360-370-7902 or valoriecurtis@sjisd.wednet.edu  

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    General FAQ

    Is the coursework all done online?
    Is it self-paced or is there a deadline once you sign up?
    It is self-paced, however; your account is good for one year from the date you sign up.
    Is there an instructor?
    No. The Skillsoft curriculum is provided as an online learning experience.
    Is there a time limit for signing up (for example-have to register within 2 weeks)?
    We have a limited number of licenses. It will be open during the month of November 2017 to SJISD families and staff. In December, we will be opening it up to SJI community members.
    For SJISD Staff: Do all of these courses count toward TRI Day tech hours?
    There are specific courses in the Desktop portion that are for Google Suite and those would work. Staff are welcome to take any courses they would like to participate in; however, the content must be something they would use with their students in class in order to be considered for the TRI or optional tech hours. For example, SigmaSix might be something you want to learn, however, it probably isn't a tool you would use in your classroom with your students. Go ahead and take it, but it will not count for your TRI day pay. If you have any questions, please contact your building principal or Val Curtis for clarity.
    What if I don't have a computer, but I want to take the classes?
    Email Val Curtis or call her at 360-298-5143 to set up a place and time for you to gain access.

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