Health Notification

Posted by Susan Stehn on 3/30/2021

Dear FHES Parents,

You are receiving this informational message as a routine notification when the County Health Department (CHD) contacts the school district for contact tracing due to COVID-19.

It has been determined that a student who attends a FHES has tested positive for COVID-19. The CHD is currently tracing the student's contacts. The student's cohort and the teacher are quarantined until further guidance from the CHD. For all other hybrid cohorts and staff, school will continue as usual.

Our school district is committed to working in close collaboration with the County Health Department around COVID-19. Additional information regarding school protocols involving COVID-19 may be reviewed in the San Juan Island School District Reopening Handbook, located on our website under the section labeled COVID-19 Information Portal.
Thank you.
Caspar van Haalen