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    Unlocking Potential   ---  Nuturing Individuality  ---  It's Your Choice!

    Contact us for information on 2024-25 enrollment!

    Multidistrict Enrollment is open!

    Call: (360) 378-3292

    Call or Text: (360) 298-6025


    In May 2021, Griffin Bay School was designated by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) as a Multi-District Online Program for Washington State. Previously, GBS served only those students who resided within our District boundary (plus 10%). This new designation takes away that barrier.

    Click Here for Multidistrict Flyer


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  • Frequently Asked Questions about Griffin Bay School

    "Quick Look" at Griffin Bay School programs 

     Please be aware that enrollment in Griffin Bay School is a commitment of at least one semester.

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  • Welcome to Griffin Bay School!

    Griffin Bay School provides an opportunity for public school alternative learning experiences on San Juan Island.  We are open on a full-time basis to serve the needs of students in our community.  Small group instruction is provided in safe and productive formats, along with online learning and remote learning programs.   

    We work closely with the traditional public schools within the district to plan and implement the best educational options for each student. If you would like more information about Griffin Bay School please contact us at 360-378-3292. 
    Fred Woods
    Principal, Griffin Bay School

    Griffin Bay School offers:

    • Program flexibility
    • Family support and curriculum resources
    • Alternative ways to academic success
    • A place for students needing extra support in core areas

    • Small class size

    • NEW! Multidistrict Online Program!

     Why we chose Griffin Bay

    Here are some of the reasons that families choose Griffin Bay School for their children:

    • Our experienced, Washington-licensed teachers give students the attention they need to succeed.

    • The award-winning curriculum from our partner Odysseyware, Edgenuity and Red Comet, rooted in decades of research, harnesses powerful learning tools such as video, audio, and integrated materials to engage and inspire students.

    • An individualized written student learning plan places students in the appropriate courses, identifies strengths and areas for improvement, and creates a plan to chart their progress.

    • Exceptional programs help struggling students not only catch up but excel.

    • Smart and sensible ideas, including credit recovery courses, help students succeed. Griffin Bay School brings students, parents, and teachers together to form a powerful, collaborative team so that students thrive.

    Griffin Bay School is San Juan Island School District's public alternative learning experience for students in grades K-12. Established in 2003, Griffin Bay School provides appropriate and flexible educational opportunities designed to meet individual needs and offers a high level of personalized academic, social, and emotional support for students. The curriculum is organized so that students can progress at their own rate, depending on their ability, interests, and preferences, through sequences of increasingly difficult courses.

    Staff at Griffin Bay School listen to the students' views, experiences, concerns, life circumstances, and ideas. Our teachers ensure each student's needs are met by delivering personalized instruction and attention. At Griffin Bay School, students may come into the school for learning time or may have all of their learning needs met online in their own home environment. 

    285 Blair Ave - P.O. Box 458 - Friday Harbor, WA 98250 
    Phone (360) 378-3292 - Fax (360) 378-6276
    Text us! (360) 298- 6025
    Principal - Fred Woods
    Teacher - Benjamin Troutman 
       Teacher - Luna Wylde  
    Counselor - Amara Zee 
    Office Manager - Connie Domenech 
    Paraeducator/Graduation Coach - Maude Cumming
    Paraeducator/Math Tutor-Robert Shackelford