Griffin Bay Virtual Academy

  • Griffin Bay Virtual Academy serves the home schooling family through an on line venue.

    Barbara Bevens, Lead Teacher Parent Partner Program and On Line Learning

    Griffin Bay Virtual Academy is one of several parts of the complex Griffin Bay Learning Center.

    • Grades Kindergarten through Eighth options
    • Inclusive on-line curriculum provided by
    • Courses meet all state and district standards
    • All books, curriculum, teaching plans and workbooks provided
    • On Line format
      • Presents interactive lessons
      • Tracks student progress
      • Organizes daily planning
      • Provides teaching tips
    • Parents serve as learning coaches with support from experienced Griffin Bay staff
    • Parent retains responsibility for student success
    • Flexibility for students blending with Middle School classes

    Griffin Bay Virtual Academy is affiliated with the K-12 Learning Company, which has national and international success. The curriculum encompasses all subjects – math, reading, language arts, science and history. Families receive textbooks, teaching plans and workbooks and all related materials. Access to the on-line school provides interactive lessons, teaching tips, and it tracks student progress, attendance and daily planning. Griffin Bay Virtual Academy provides one of the best, most comprehensive curriculum packages available for home schooling options.