San Juan Island School District


Greetings from the Food for Thought Lunch Program! We are back in the kitchen cooking up delicious and nutritious meals for our amazing district!
We are thrilled to be able to kick off our SEVENTH year of bringing our students and staff to the table. Our district is lucky to have a community that recognizes the connection between a nourished mind and body.
The Food for Thought Program focuses on unprocessed, locally sourced meals prepared by a knowledgeable staff with the help of culinary-minded students. We are looking forward to maintaining  uncompromising quality in the meals we prepare and the skills we impress upon the student chefs. We will be hosting our COMMUNITY DINNERS again this year as a way to showcase our program to the community and provide a chance for us all to share a meal. The proceeds support the Student Chef Program and help keep this program successful!
Your help is needed to keep our program running! Due to State Auditor Mandate, please maintain a POSITIVE lunch balance at all times. We have made this more manageable by providing online credit card payment and account maintenance though Family and Student Access. You can opt in for low balance email notifications as well as make instant online payments. Of course, payments can also be made in the school office with cash or check before lunch.
Thank you for the opportunity to nourish the learning community of San Juan Island!
Liz Varvaro - Food Service Supervisor/Work Based Learning Coordinator
Andy Radzialowski - Executive Chef
Kerri Starr - Elementary Site Cook
Deb Bachelder - Assistant Cook/Utility/Morale Maintenance