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    Starting Thursday, April 8th meal service will change (slightly) as the SECONDARY CAMPUS students are returning to teleschool.

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    Welcome Back to the

    Food for Thought Lunch Program!
    The Past:
    The unanticipated closure in the spring put an abrupt halt to our usual program as the kitchen staff pivoted to offering ‘emergency’ sack lunches for all children.

    The Present: The meal service process is different, but Chef Andy and the team are thrilled to present a familiar menu full of the offerings that we know and love.

    The Future: This is a HUGE undertaking and we look forward to enough participation so we can continue to offer nutritious, delicious, from-scratch meals throughout the duration of COVID-19 Learning.


    Moving Forward 

    Here is a glance at what service looks like. More information can be found in the links in the sidebar. 

    Choices/Menus: There are TWO options for lunch and each option also comes with breakfast. They will be bundled and picked up at the same time.

    Ordering: Online order forms for the week must be turned in by Sunday at 10pm to assist in planning and food preparation. If you missed the Sunday 10pm deadline and/or order mid-week, you may default to Option #2 due to limited supply. Weekly Orders are STRONGLY advised.

    Meal Prices: All meals are free to children between the ages of 1 - 18! There is currently no option for ordering meals for adults or guests.

    Service Time and Distribution: Meals can be picked up during the designated times on Park Street, near the Middle School. Meals must be taken and no food will be consumed on-site. Additional delivery sites and times are listed below and in the link on the sidebar.  

    Identification Verification: Parents, Guardians or designees can pick up meals on behalf the child, but must be prepared to verify child's name and age. 

    Dietary Requests: Please work with the school nurse for any specific dietary restrictions.

    Food Safety: All menu items provided can be safely consumed within 2 hours, or they must be refrigerated. Food is cooked and can be eaten cold, or reheating instructions can be followed for increased enjoyment!  

    Staff & Student Safety: Staff and student health and safety are paramount and ALL CDC, local and state guidelines are followed with fidelity. 

    Disclaimer: Menu items may be altered or substituted without prior notification due to supply and demand nationwide.

    Service Days: Meals are available for every day that school is in session (including half days). Contact the 36 weekends program for food assistance on weekends, holidays, and breaks.

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    Direct line to the kitchen: 360-370-7106 

    Food Service Director, Food for Thought Program Director: 

    Liz Varvaro 

    Executive Chef; Food for Thought Program: 

    Andy Radzialowski

    Sous Chef; Food for Thought Program: 

    Ashley Spendiff

    Cook; Elementary Kitchen Manager; Food for Thought Program: 

    Kerri Starr

    Utility; Dishwashing; Food for Thought Program: 

    Maria Trujillo 

    Assistant Cook; Student Store; Food for Thought Program: 

    Patricia Rishel (furloughed) 

    Utility; Point of Sale; Food for Thought Program: 

    Kim Devine (furloughed)

    Student Accounts; Food for Thought Program: 

    Janet Scheffer (furloughed)

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    The district provides equal educational opportunity and treatment for all students in all aspects of the academic and activities program without regard to race, religion, creed, color, national origin, age, honorably-discharged veteran or military status, sex, sexual orientation (including gender expression or identity), marital status, the presence of any sensory, mental or physical disability, participation in the Boy Scouts of America or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal by a person with a disability.
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