• Building Relationships with ParentLink

    With nearly 80% of parents having access to a smartphone today, mobile needs to be a priority in any communications strategy. Going mobile, we are empowering families to get involved and engage with students and schools in the way they prefer, from the device of their choice. 
    The integrated app offers a personalized experience for its users by providing a platform for easy access to student-specific information such as attendance, assignments, updates, lunch balances, and much more!
    Emails should show an unsubscribe link under the main body of the message.
    They can reply STOP to text messages to unsubscribe.
    There is a number they can call to unsubscribe their phone from calls, but I can't remember it off the top of my head. When I get back into my office later today, I'll send that number over to you.

    The opt out number is 855-502-7867.

    And opting out their phone will disconnect them from all phone calls.

    Another option I forgot to mention is that people can manage their delivery preferences in the app. 

    They have to log in, once in, they click on their profile.

    Delivery preferences:

    Edit Delivery Preferences
    Then they can indicate what numbers and emails they want for what.  If they only have one phone number on file though, it will lock them out of changing emergency and attendance messages.
    ParentLink Delivery Preferences 2