Our Commitment to Equity

  • As we face the social turmoil of our nation and communities, we, as a public education institution, must take time to reflect on our own practices as we seek to create a strong and positive environment for the education of ALL young people as they learn and grow. San Juan Island School District unequivocally stands for equality, and against racism and bigotry.

Our Cultural Beliefs

  • These Cultural Beliefs are the culmination of committee work completed in the Fall of 2019 and serve as our guiding principles. They are the product of shared contributions from staff, parents, district leadership and community members, alike.

  • + Cultivate Global Awareness

  • + Provide Opportunities

  • + Cultivate Equity

  • + Advocacy

  • + Engage the Community

Recovery Plan

  • San Juan Island School District recognizes the impact COVID 19 has had on student learning, social skills, emotional well-being, and special education disability services. It is imperative that these student needs are addressed.  Through careful consideration and in collaboration with district partners, the SJISD counselor consortium, administrative partners, and intervention program coordinators, SJISD has committed to creating a recovery plan that is designed to lessen the negative impacts of Covid-19 on student success. The following plan details the process that will be implemented to mitigate the impacts students experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic.  


  • + Academic and Student Well Being Recovery Plan

  • + Equity Tool