• Intermediate grades 4-8

    Lead Teachers: Luna Wylde/Ben Troutman       Call, text or email for more information: Information and Enrollment

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    The Griffin Bay Intermediate program encompasses grades 4-8. The hours per week would be 27.5 hours of instruction. While we don’t require that you log the hours of learning, you will be required to communicate your learnings to your certificated teacher on at least a weekly basis.

    The learning environment can be either fully remote in your own home or  learning space, or hybrid program that includes mostly remote learning and weekly scheduled direct personal contact.

    Student Learning Plan

    A student learning plan will be created by the certificated teacher assigned to your student within the first days of school, and this will be done through consultation with the parent. This learning plan will include instructional time and curriculum in English Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, Fine Arts, Fitness/Health. The teacher will walk you through the types of curriculum Griffin Bay has available and may include online courses, hard copy materials or a mixture of those. The curriculum and materials must be approved by the public school and by the teacher.

    Weekly Meetings with the Instructor

    Each week you and your student will contact the teacher and report on how the curriculum is working, ask questions, and receive feedback from the teacher. If the student learning plan needs to be updated or amended, that can occur through those contacts. The teacher will be checking for student progress and will make a determination on progress.If the student is not making progress, the teacher can help create an intervention plan to increase outcomes.

    Curriculum and Materials

    A link to the approved 4-8 curriculum can be found here curriculum and materials list. If you have a curriculum you are interested in having our school review, please let your teacher know but until it is a district approved curriculum, we may not be able to approve it for use for your child’s program.

    We are here for you and your student. We enjoy the flexibility the Griffin Bay allows and we will work with you to create a program that both meets the state requirements for an alternative program, and helps your student learn and grow.

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