Student Supply List


    Student Supply / Equipment List

    2017 – 2018


    Students are expected to provide their own school supplies, bring supplies to class, and keep their stock replenished throughout the year.  Items should be marked with the student’s name when possible.


    All Students:


    Ø  A three ring binder (1.5” or 2.0”) with pockets on the inside covers, preferably zipped

    Ø  A set of dividers for the binder, preferably with pockets on both sides

    Ø  A “pencil pouch” inside the binder to hold small items

    Ø  Three-hole notebook paper

    Ø  Pencils with erasers, and extra erasers

    Ø  Blue or black pens

    Ø  Red pens or pencils for correcting

    Ø  A set of colored pencils

    Ø  A ruler

    Ø  Graph paper

    Ø  Glue stick

    Ø  Green, pink, yellow, & blue highlighter markers


    Plus these items per grade level as noted:


    Ø  7th grade

    o   Single subject spiral notebook for English

    o   A calculator for Math

    o   Pen-drive/ thumb-drive/ flash-drive, at least 1GB (Optional, but recommended)

    o   Set of colored markers (Optional)

    o   8 inch scissors (Optional)

                      ○ Compostion notebook  

    Ø  8th grade

    o   2 composition notebooks

    o   A calculator

    o   Algebra Students: college ruled composition notebook (NO spiral notebooks),

    T1-84Plus Silver Edition Graphing calculator


    For physical education, all students must bring:


    Ø  A pair of gym shoes and socks

    Ø  A change of clothing appropriate for physical activity (gym shorts & T-shirt for inside activities and sweat pants & sweatshirt for outdoor activities).




    Ø  The school will give each student a Planner to record their homework assignments in.

    Ø  Students are not allowed to carry backpacks to class.  Backpacks must be kept in lockers, and students are expected to bring the appropriate binders and books to class.

    Ø  Students must purchase special locks from the school for lockers (or reuse last year’s lock).

    Ø  Teachers may request students purchase items for a special project in class during the year.


    We are going to make a renewed push for students to come to class with all of their supplies every day.  Most students start out the year with everything, but – for some – the supplies seem to fade away.  It derails classroom learning when students don’t have what they need.  We ask for your support in keeping your student supplied throughout the school year.  Thank you!


    Please call the Middle School Office at 378-5214 if you have any questions.