Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Varvaro

Food Service Director

CTE Director

Culinary Teacher

Career Preparation Teacher

Worksite Learning Coordinator

My origin story at San Juan Island School District began in the fall of 2008 as the Food Service Director for San Juan Island School District's Food for Thought Program

I sought my teaching certificate soon after being hired so we could introduce students into the Food Service Program through student chef internships. After a few years as full-time Food Service Director, I transitioned into the classroom part-time. 

I am thrilled to bring my knowledge and passion into the classroom. The students and I explore the exciting field of Culinary Arts through culinary labs, demonstrations, textbook readings, recipe development and journals. 

In addition to the culinary classes, I also teach a Career Preparation class in which students explore their career aptitudes, work-ethic, and professionalism.

I am also the Worksite Learning Coordinator for FHHS. This means enrolled students can gain valuable employability skills and earn half of a credit through 180 hours of job or internship experience.

I am certified to teach Culinary Arts, Food Production, Career Choices, Entrepreneurship, Worksite Learning & Business Management. 

I look forward to helping students navigate their way to a healthy, life-long relationship with food, work and community.