• June 2017 

    Dear FHES Parents, FHES PTO

    A message from your out-going PTO Board. 

    We have had a fun-packed, busy year as your PTO Board and for a moment I will toot our horn so you can see what has kept us so busy! This is NOT your typical year for an FHES PTO Board, but some boards take on a bit extra to make things a little easier for future boards.

    1. We began the year as a PTO not a PTA, a decision made by the 2015-2016 board and seen to completion in the 2016-2017 year. It allows our school more freedom and fewer financial obligations to state and national associations who, given our unique geographic location, do little for us with the funds we were obligated to send them. After many hours of review and free legal assistance from Wagner Law Offices, we adopted our new bylaws and eventually became a new 501c3.

    2. Our biggest project by far has been finding the funds to remodel our beloved Pie Booth. Before the Pie Booth was resurrected at the 2016 SJC Fair, we were asked by the County to make the Pie Booth Mobile. There are many reasons for this request and they resonated with our board and we took on the challenge. It has taken almost a year (volunteers aren’t always voluteering!), but we have been granted $3,500 from the Community Foundation of San Juan Island, the San Juan Women’s Fund, and two other Donor Assisted Funds held by local community members at the Community Foundation. This grant is for purchasing a trailer for the new Pie Booth’s mobile foundation. We have been awarded a second grant of $5,000 from the Honeywell Charitable Fund to raise a new booth. Now that we have our funding in place, it is time for action! Our Treasurer, Charlene McEwen and her husband Mike, of Remedy Construction, are busily searching for the right trailer and Mike will be the “head hammer” throughout the dismantling and re-using of the original booth and construction of the new booth. All of the work will be volunteer driven during a very busy time for all Islanders, but we are committed and determined to sell pie from our new Pie Booth in August. We are very grateful to our local Community Foundation, the Women’s Fund and the Honeywell Charitable Fund for their commitment to maintaining an Island tradition and securing a fundraising tool for future FHES PTO Boards.

    3. We have run many different fundraisers this year: Deposit a Gift, on-line fundraiser in the Fall, Love is in the Air in February, the Scholastic Book Fair, Nature’s Vision catalog fundraiser in the Spring and as always, Kings receipts (thank you Kings and Kris DayVincent!), Box Tops (thank you Charlene McEwen and family!) and even a little bit of profit from our Movie Night food sales. Popcorn Fridays were very popular and meant for fun not fundraising!

    4. Our FHES teachers and staff will tell you that our board was particularly good at making them feel loved and respected for their hard work and commitment to our children – many parents volunteered to help us pull that off during conference weeks and Teacher Appreciation Week. One of the perks of being on the PTO is feeling like a rock star in the eyes of our teachers!

    Our Board has chosen projects and fundraisers that resonated with us, taking them on with the help of other volunteers. There is nothing that will burn a board out faster then running a time consuming event and looking around to find ONLY board members looking back at you! We haven’t been perfect, but we have worked hard, had fun and raised enough money to pay the school district for all field trip busing, provide a little classroom money for each teacher, purchase clothing and other necessities for students in need and many, many other things. We also have enough funds to start the next board off AND run the Pie Booth fundraiser in August. Now we would like to give a new board our blessing. A board of good friends or total strangers will work just fine if you always remember who you are raising funds for – our children! FHES has amazing field trip opportunities for our children, so long as our PTO can pay for the busing to get them there! Please consider being on the PTO board.

    Thank you,

    Allison Moalli, Rachel Otis, Charlene McEwen, and Trina Mendez

    Special thanks and recognition to Katy Doran and Susan Stehn our honorary board members!

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    2016-2017 FHES PTO Board

     President - Alli Moalli

    Vice President - Rachel Otis

    Treasurer - Charlene McEwen

    Secretary - Trina Mendez

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