Starting A Club

  • All students are welcome and encouraged to start a club. 

    To start a club, a student needs to:

    • Find a staff member to advise the club.
    • Develop a club constitution (see Starting a Club Packet below).
    • Complete the Establishing a Club Form (in the Starting a Club Packet).
    • Submit the constitution and Establishing a Club Form to the ASB Advisor (Hailey Henderson-Paul).
    • Attend an ASB meeting (held every Monday at lunch) and propose your new club (talk to the ASB advisor to get on the meeting agenda prior to the meeting).
    • ASB discusses and votes to 1.) recognize your club 2.) grant any requested funds.
    • If approved, your club is now official and funds will be distributed (if requested).

    Talk to Hailey for more information or help. 

    Documents Needed: 

    Starting a Club Packet

    Club Constitution Template