For the 2016-17 school year, certified and classified staff are being offered professional development in technology.

    In an effort to clarify what is expected, we have included the language of the Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA):



    Teachers had an additional calendar day added in the form of a TRI-day.


    5.1 Length of Contracted Work Year / Learning Improvement Days/ Early Dismissal Days

    In addition to the basic 180 day work year funded by the state, there shall be four (4) TRI Days, to be paid from local funds. For 2016-17, three of these TRI Days shall be worked in accordance with the description in Section 13.2 of this Agreement, and the fourth TRI day or the equivalent of 7.5 hours must be scheduled within the 183 day calendar and not on a day scheduled for early dismissal for non-employment related activities (e.g. day before Thanksgiving, etc.)

    Translation: You are responsible for the completion of these  7.5 hours of Tech PD that you are already being paid for. These TRI hours are district - directed. The training that is being offered is listed below.

    SJEA members also have the option of earning up to another 7.5 hours of Tech PD. These can be district-directed or they can fulfill the requirements listed on Appendix 12 of the CBA.

     SJEA 13.2.1 Technology Training/Study

    This payment recognizes that technology is continually changing and that training needs are constant and required on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis. These training needs are individualized depending on employees' assignment, changes in curriculum and changes in instructional tools. This payment is contingent on continuing passage of the District's technology levy. Employees shall be entitled to receive up to 7.5 hours of compensation at per diem rate for training activities related to implementation and integration of the District's technology systems and programs. These hours shall be documented on a timesheet submitted with the Technology Training Form {Appendix 12) on or before June 30 each year describing the training activities and date or dates worked.

     PSE: Section 16.I.I.

    Any employee who works an average of four (4) hours per day or more is eligible to earn one additional day of pay to receive training related to educational technology. The training will be determined and provided by the District. Employees who complete the technology training shall document these training hours on a timesheet.


    Tech Training Documentation Requirements for the Optional 7.5 Hours

    In order to qualify as reimbursable training time associated with the application and integration of operational or instructional technology. The training has to be supported with documentation that identifies what training took place and the content of the training received.

    Training provided by a subject matter expert in a workshop or conference, or online training can be submitted with a flyer, agenda, syllabus, URL or other paperwork that clearly identifies the training topic and the time involved.