Commitment to Equity

Our Commitment to Equity

We, as a public education institution, must take time to reflect on our own practices as we seek to create a strong and positive environment for the education of ALL young people as they learn and grow. 

San Juan Island School District unequivocally stands for equity, and against racism and bigotry.  We must be a part of the solution.

As a reminder to ourselves and to our community, we again share the committee work achieved last fall creating guiding principles that make up our collective Cultural Beliefs.


Our Cultural Beliefs

Engage the Community

      I will commit to engaging others in the process, and I will be an active participant in the school community.


       I will create safe and productive environments that embrace self-advocacy.

Cultivate Equity

      I recognize, value and respect individual needs, identities, cultures, interests and strengths of all.

Provide Opportunities

       I will provide opportunities to help you be successful on your path.

Cultivate Global Awareness

      I will keep current on global issues and integrate these topics into community conversations and activities.