• I know that bus rules exist for the safety and comfort of all; drivers must be able to concentrate on the road without being distracted. Violations of bus conduct rules may result in the loss of bus privileges. This applies to both regular school transportation as well as co-curricular travel.
    I understand and agree to these guidelines:
    1. Students shall obey the driver.
    2. Students shall ride only on their assigned bus unless written permission to do otherwise has been received by school officials.
    3. Students shall not be permitted to leave the bus except at their regular stop unless written permission to do otherwise is received by school officials.
    4. Student assigned seats shall use only that seat unless permission to change is authorized by the driver.
    5. Students shall observe rules of classroom conduct while riding on buses. Noise shall be kept down and shall refrain from the use of obscene language or gestures.
    6. Students shall not smoke or ignite lighters or matches on buses.
    7. Students shall not eat on buses. Buses shall be kept clean.
    8. Students shall not open bus windows without the driver’s permission.
    9. Students shall not extend any part of their body out of bus windows at any time.
    10. Students shall not carry or have in their possession items that can cause injury to passengers of the bus.
    11. Students shall not have animals on buses, except a dog providing assistance to a disabled student.
    12. Students shall not sit in the driver’s seat.
    13. Students shall go directly to a seat once inside the bus and remain seated at all times unless the driver instructs otherwise. 
    14. Students shall get on/off the bus in an orderly manner, no pushing or shoving.
    15. Students shall never cross the roadway behind a bus.
    16. Students shall stand away from the roadway curb when any bus is approaching or leaving a stop.
    17. Students going to and from their bus stops where there are no sidewalks, shall walk on the left-hand side of the roadway facing oncoming traffic.
    18. Students shall use seat belts on buses when available.
    19. Students shall follow emergency exit drill procedures as prescribed by the Driver.
    20. Students shall not tamper with emergency doors or equipment.
    21. Students shall remain quietly seated, not exhibit disruptive behavior. Turn off all noise making devices at highway rail grade crossings.
    22. Parents of students identified as causing damage to buses shall be charged with the cost of the damage. Students causing the damage may be suspended from transportation. 
    23. When waiting for a bus, or going to and from a bus stop, students must not abuse or cause damage to private or public property, engage in criminal activity or use obscene language or gestures. 
    24. Student misconduct shall constitute sufficient reason for suspending transportation privileges. Principals are responsible for correcting students whose abusive behavior results in a bus-incident report or violates the rules above