• I know that bus rules exist for the safety and comfort of all; drivers must be able to concentrate on the road without being distracted. Violations of bus conduct rules may result in the loss of bus privileges. This applies to both regular school transportation as well as co-curricular travel.
    I understand and agree to these guidelines:
    1. I will follow the directions of the bus driver.
    2. I will remain in my seat, facing forward, while the bus is moving.
    3. I will keep my arms and head inside the bus at all times.
    4. I will not shout, talk loudly, play music, or otherwise distract the driver.
    5. I must get off the bus at my assigned stop unless prearranged with a note from my parent or guardian or an administrator.
    6. I will not consume food or beverage on the bus.
    7. All other school rules apply on the bus.