• 2024 Capital and Technology Levy

    Thank you, San Juan Island community!  We appreciate your support of our students and schools.  On February 13, 2024 electors approved the proposition to renew the school district’s expiring Capital and Technology Levy for another four years.  This levy provides funding for capital improvements, major facility repairs, and technology equipment, implementation, and support. 

    It will fund the following:

    • Staying current with ever-changing technological demands through new educational and operational technology and staff training
    • Enclosing the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) building breezeway in order to expand the trades
    • Repairing/replacing and painting the middle and high school siding
    • Replacing the elementary school carpet
    • Replacing the wallpaper and repainting the elementary school interior
    • Painting the elementary school covered play area
    • Replacing the elementary school gym floor and repairing the ceiling
    • Remodeling the Turnbull Gym entry and bathrooms
    • Replacing failing boilers
    • Replacing bleachers in the elementary school gym, the Hall Gym, and the football field
    • Repainting and repairing the exterior of the district office
    • Replacing the elementary school gutters
    • Adding a small school vehicle parking area and maintenance shed to the high school in order to house storage which was previously in the STEAM breezeway and allow space for the expansion of the trades
    • Preventative maintenance (such as refinishing gym floors, HVAC servicing, fire suppression system inspections, and water treatment at the elementary school)
    • Remodeling the HVAC-data closet
    • Purchasing necessary furniture 


    Thank you, San Juan Island community for your support of the 2020 Capital and Technology Levy!  

    2020 Levy Project List