• 2023-2025 School Board Goals

    Goal 1: Increased Student Learning and Performance

    • Ensuring high levels of learning for all students is the School Board's core mission. To that end, the Board has established high expectations for increased student performance as identified by the Student Improvement Goals. To ensure improved outcomes for all students the Board will:
      • Prioritize and focus their efforts and energy on the 2023-25 strategic plan goals.
      • Monitor student performance trends three times per year.
      • Hold themselves, the superintendent, and staff accountable for improved outcomes; and,
      • Advocate and support improved learning to internal and external stakeholders.

    Goal 2: Excellent Stakeholder and Community Involvement 

    • Through the utilization of purposeful committee structures, open and transparent processes, and deliberate opportunities for community involvement, the School Board will ensure high levels of staff, parent, and stakeholder involvement prior to policy-level decision making.

    Goal 3: Sound Long-term Fiscal Accountability

    • Through transparent operations, shared accountability, sustainability, and best practice procedures, the School Board will maintain sound fiscal stewardship of financial resources consistent with board policies. Performance will be monitored through ongoing fund balance analysis.