• Superintendent Kari McVeigh 

    Kari McVeigh has over 40 years of public education experience starting as an elementary teacher and culminating as a Superintendent of Schools.  A native San Franciscan, Kari started her career as a fifth-grade teacher in Clark County School District, Nevada.  Following her eleven years an elementary teacher, Kari was an Assistant Principal for six months and then principal of two elementary schools for a total of twelve years.

    In 1991, she opened Helen Herr Elementary School in Clark County, one of a very few fully multi-age schools west of the Mississippi.   The outstanding staff and innovative curriculum and teaching strategies employed at Herr resulted in Kari’s recognition as the 1998 Elementary Principal of the Year for the state of Nevada.

    After twelve years in the principalship, Kari assumed the position of Assistant Director - and shortly after -  Director of Whole School Change for Boston Public Schools.   There she supported 64 Boston K-12 schools with literacy professional development and instructional leadership professional development for both teachers within Instructional Leadership Teams and individualized administrative staff. 

    Following her work in Boston, Kari stepped into a position as Assistant Superintendent in San Diego Unified School District, where she oversaw the instructional programs and leadership in 20-25 San Diego Elementary and Middle Schools.  While in San Diego, Kari led monthly professional development sessions for her administrators which focused on balanced literacy content, Second Language Learners instructional strategies and content, and conceptual Mathematics content and instructional strategies.  

    Kari left San Diego to take the seat as Superintendent of a 5700-student K12 district in Southern California and later accepted the position of Superintendent of New Haven Unified School District, CA a highly diverse K-12 district of 13,000 students.   During Kari’s fifth year as Superintendent in New Haven USD, the district was awarded the United States Race to the Top grant totaling  $29 million, honoring the district’s success in working with Instructional Leadership Teams,  Common Core Literacy and Mathematics, and community-based schooling efforts among the many areas of noted strength.  

    Since 2013 Kari has consulted with districts nationally, providing them with professional development in Common Core Literacy strategies, Principal Institutes, Instructional Leadership team design and implementation, and strategic planning.   Kari also provides personalized coaching sessions to both veteran and new administrators from Assistant Principals to Superintendents.   Kari and her wife, Cynthia moved to San Juan Island in 2016 and spend time enjoying island life with their two dogs, Raleigh and Gracie.