Mission, Vision and Strategic Plan


    Mission and Vision

    MISSION: The mission of the San Juan Island School District is to promote excellence through high expectations, superior instruction and academic content that is challenging and relevant, and to engage every student every day.

    VISION: The vision of the San Juan Island School District is that our students will be prepared for life’s challenges and become productive citizens and critical thinkers who are happy, healthy, and compassionate.

    Cultural Beliefs

    ENGAGE THE COMMUNITY: I will commit to engaging others in the process, and I will be an active participant in the school community.

    CULTIVATE EQUITY: I recognize, value and respect individual needs, identities, cultures, interests, and strengths of all.

    CULTIVATE GLOBAL AWARENESS: I will keep current on global issues and integrate these topics into community conversations and activities.

    ADVOCACY: I will create safe and productive environments that embrace self-advocacy.

    PROVIDE OPPORtUNITY: I will provide opportunities to help you be successful on your path.

    District Goals

    1. Within three to five years, the San Juan Island School District will reduce achievement gaps by engaging students, families, staff and the school community to identify barriers and develop solutions.

    2. Within the next five years, the San Juan Island School District will create college and career pathways through a robust STEAM program by expanding Career Technical Vocational opportunities and the Arts.


    The district will be creating action plans for each goal with both timelines for activities to accomplish the goal and timelines for reporting our progress to you.