• Meeting the needs of every child

    Since the health status of a student bears a direct relationship to their ability to derive a positive educational experience, it is important to communicate any health issues or concerns with the school nurse as they arise.

    In the event of a student health emergency, the parents or guardians will be called immediately. It is strongly advised that parents update their emergency contact information several times during the school year.

    In the event of a serious student injury or illness at school, we initiate the following:

    1. The primary home phone number is called.
    2. If no response, the parents' work numbers are called.
    3. If no response, the emergency contact is called.
    4. If no response, the child may be transported by ambulance to the hospital.

    Vision and hearing screening

    Vision and hearing screening will be conducted in grades K-3, as well as Grades 5 and 7. Students in other grades will be screened at the request of the parent or teacher. Your cooperation in following through on recommendations will help your child to a healthier, happier school experience.
    Special education screening

    We have special programs for children who may have sensory, learning, motor, communication, emotional and/or health difficulties needing academic support. If you suspect that your child (age birth-21) may have a disability, please contact our District Office at 360-378-4133,

    The school nurse is a great health resource and has an office in the main office. When the nurse is not available students can get limited services from our secretaries.
    Students that are required to take medication, must have the approved district form signed by a parent/guardian and health provider. Those with asthma, severe allergies requiring an EpiPen, diabetes, seizures etc., must have a health plan specific to the condition. These completed forms will be kept in the main office and distributed to teaching staff. The school can only dispense medication supplied by parents, with the completed district paperwork.

    Medication procedure:

    1. A school medication form, good for one school year only, must be signed by both the student's health care provider and parents/guardian.
    2. The medicine must be in a pharmacy container that includes the student's name, type of medication, and directions on how to administer. A student with an asthma plan and a properly completed medication administration form is allowed to carry an inhaler if he demonstrates to the nurse the proper use of the medication. 

    3. Student's must go to the health room in the main office to receive medication.