Capital Projects

  • On February 11, 2020 the San Juan Island School District asked voters to re-authorize the capital projects and technology levy for four years. This levy provides funding for capital improvements, major facility repairs, and technology equipment, implementation and support. “Basic education funding” provided by the State of Washington does not provide the necessary funds for school district capital facility improvements or technology. Re-authorization of this levy ensures the continuing excellence of our school facilities and maintains the investment in our technology through funding….

    • Re-route elementary school bus loading zone for enhance student safety.
    • Upgrade elementary school paved play area
    • Upgrade the high school Science lab
    • Repave the high school parking lot
    • Remodel STEM Building for inclusion of Arts (STEAM)
    • Install new bleachers in Turnbull Gym for increased safety
    • Upgrade LED lighting district-wide
    • Remodel middle school entryway for enhanced safety
    • Upgrade the high school tennis courts
    • Scheduled upgrades of educational and operational technology
    • Provide essential staff training, support and professional development in technology

    While the general fund pays for the daily operating expenses and minor repairs of our facilities, capital funds are required for major repairs, system replacements, and improvements of facilities, as well as educational delivery systems through technology.

  • Facilities and Maintenance Personnel
    Brock Hauck, Capital Projects 
    W. (360) 370-7115
    C. (909) 322-0022 
    Greg Truesdale, Director of Maintenance and Facilities, Building Engineer, Middle and High School  
    W. (360) 370-7105
    C. (360) 622-6567
    Randy Schnee, Building Engineer, Elementary School
    W. (360) 370-7334  
    James (Lumpy) Sane, Custodian, High School 
    C. (360) 622-6566
    Regino Tapia Reyes, Custodian, Middle School