Facilities, Maintenance, and Capital Projects

    Current Capital Projects
    Bidding for the conversion of the STEM building wood shop to an art classroom closed on February 28, 2023.  Two bids were received.  More information can be found at this link.
    Education Program and Operations Levy Information 
    The last election was February 8, 2022.   Thank you San Juan Island community for your support of our public schools!
  • Facilities and Maintenance Personnel
    Brock Hauck, Capital Projects 
    W. (360) 370-7115
    C. (909) 322-0022 
    Greg Truesdale, Director of Maintenance and Facilities, Building Engineer, Middle and High School  
    W. (360) 370-7105
    C. (360) 622-6567
    Randy Schnee, Building Engineer, Elementary School
    W. (360) 370-7334  
    James (Lumpy) Sane, Custodian, High School 
    C. (360) 622-6566
    Regino Tapia Reyes, Custodian, Middle School